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Backyard Patio Decorating Ideas

Backyard Patio Decorating Ideas

Posted by Lindsey Baker on 13th Aug 2018

Whether you use your patio or porch – or both – to entertain, lounge on lazy afternoons, or unwind after a work day, your outdoor spaces can reflect your aesthetic as much as easy living. And at, we can help you blend personal style with practicality and on-trend outdoor pieces for a fully customized, eye-catching atmosphere.

1 Global-Inspired Outdoor Space

If you love exploring the world outside your door – even if that means you’re venturing out just for an afternoon on the patio – a global perspective blends worldly personalities into one earthy, eclectic look.

The global outdoor patio furniture trend draws from a number of exotic influences – think Asian, Moroccan, and African – rich in color, pattern, and texture. Layer different, bold geometric motifs in complementary colorways and tie them together with rustic, chunky foundation pieces in resin wicker or unfinished wood. Tufts, fringe, and hammered finishes add tactile interest.

Patchwork throws, jewel-toned glass accents, and gilded chargers, trays, and trinkets lend magic to the mix. The key is to combine a number of cultural influences into one diverse but unified space.

2 Modern Classic Outdoor Space

Crisp neutrals, clean lines, versatile design – this is the modern-classic look, and it can transform your patio into an entertaining space that always feels up-to-date.

Modern-classic looks are where you’ll find patio furniture industry standards: steel, aluminum, and recycled plastic frames; glass tabletops; and hardy, long-wearing textiles. Along with go-anywhere materials, modern-classic pieces have go-anywhere shapes that are simple, striking, and easily rearranged. The color palette is neutral – think black, white, grey, and natural tans – so you can play with pops of color.

Layered-in geometric prints add visual texture and speak to design’s own structural nature. When you take away clutter, pure form becomes the focus. Well, that and your backyard.

3 Coastal Outdoor Space

Whether you live on the beach or you’re bringing a shoreline vibe to your landlocked backyard, the coastal look affords laid-back lounging in light, easy pieces.

Weathered driftwood and white-finished woods frame coastal arrangements, paired with natural-fiber fabrics like linen, cotton, and denim in sea-bright blue and green hues. Wicker, rattan, and rope accents add texture, while shell-inspired décor, sea glass, and oversized lanterns further nod to the nautical. Striped pillows are straight from the regatta, and a nubby, natural-colored rug grounding the entire look is reminiscent of the sand.

4 Transitional Outdoor Space

Backyard life is about living easy. Transitional pieces make it elegant, too.

Marrying elements of traditional and contemporary design in streamlined, straight and rounded profiles, transitional outdoor furniture isn’t too cold, too fussy, or too formal. The focus is on upscale simplicity, warmth, and comfort.

Rich browns and terracotta hues – the transitional look’s chief neutrals – evoke earthy serenity. The lack of bright, bold colors lets textures and textiles make a statement, too. Nubby fabrics and woven wicker contrast with smooth woods and glass, creating interest without ever distracting from the overall sense of the space.

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